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Taking your favourite photos into artistic photo wall murals that cover the entire surface of a wall in your home or office brings a whole new dimension to the concept of personalized living space. Thanks to advances in digital imaging technology, creating stunning personalized full colour photo wall murals from your own photographs is almost as quick and simple as having prints made.

arrowIdeas for Photo wall murals at home

Photo Wall MuralsThe possibilities for transforming a room using photo wall murals made from your own images are endless; you only have to use your imagination:

  • Use an image of yourself in faraway places - or perhaps a photo of a sunset, tropical beach or forest scene - as a stunning backdrop for the living room to rekindle memories of your gap year, honeymoon or “holiday of a lifetime”.
  • Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with period style black and white or sepia photo wall murals of your grandparents.
  • Relive the old days and celebrate your life for a special anniversary with a mural depicting romantic photos of when you first got together as a couple, your wedding, images of sporting achievements, graduation day, theatrical performances, etc.
  • Make collage style wall murals using photos of your children (or grandchildren) showing how they’ve grown from babies to teenagers perhaps as a thoughtful and unusual gift for a relative that they would really appreciate.
  • Or even cover a wall with a mural showing your favourite photos of your pets!

arrowCommercial applications for photo wall murals

  • Displaying a product range in a showroom
  • As a backdrop for an exhibition shell scheme to attract visitor traffic to your stand
  • Using iconic images by famous photographers to create ambiance in a hotel lobby,  bar or restaurant
  • Displaying pictures of industrial plants, award ceremonies or new products in  office reception areas.

arrowSuperchrome Photo wall murals – creative wall art from your own images

Bringing those old photos from the family album back to life by having them printed as photo wall murals for family and friends to enjoy couldn’t be easier.   Just send us your digital image and we will turn it into a stunning mural that will transform your office or living space. If you only have a print or negative, no problem. We can scan prints, old negatives, photographs on our drum scanner to produce high resolution digital images that can be enlarged to the size required for printing photo wall murals. We can also modify your images if necessary before printing to remove red eye, improve contrast or repair damage in old prints.

Whatever kind of photo wall murals you are looking for, Superchrome can supply it. Whether it's from your own photograph or an image by a professional photographer obtained from a photo library, we will be able to create a bespoke mural to fit your walls exactly no matter what size or shape the room is.
Just contact us, tell us your requirements and leave the rest to our designers who can create exactly the kind of photo wall murals you want.

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