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arrowWhat is digital wallpaper?

Digital wallpaper is a form of bespoke wall covering that has been specially designed and printed using digital printing technology for use to decorate walls at a particular location. Advances in digital printing technology and development of new printing substrates specially created for digital wallpaper such as Phototex have made the use of digital wallpaper for customised wall decoration an affordable reality.

arrowUses of digital wallpaper

Digital WallpaperDigital wallpaper enables homes, public buildings and offices to be transformed in a way that has never been possible before. Thanks to the latest digital technology, the production process for digital wallpaper is faster and cheaper as well as being easier to customise, offering distinct advantages over traditional printing methods.  Cutting edge interior designers are now able to create statement interiors by commissioning specially designed digital wallpaper for office reception areas, bars, restaurants, hotel lobbies and nightclubs without going over budget.

As digital wallpaper becomes more readily available, it is increasingly being used for commercial and retail applications such as railway stations, department stores, colleges and leisure centres. The speed and ease of application means that digital wallpaper printed on Phototex is also becoming popular for use in private homes by discerning people who wish to express their individuality and personalise their living space.

arrowSuperchrome - suppliers of premium digital wallpaper

Superchrome is a specialist supplier of high specification wallpaper murals printed onto Phototex, the latest and most technologically advanced substrate for wall coverings. The Phototex substrate will not warp or stretch and is specially designed for application to any non-porous surface including painted walls, doors and glass. It can even be applied to curved surfaces.

Phototex digital wallpaper is self adhesive and requires no paste which makes fixing it to the walls quicker, easier and much more cost effective compared to traditional wallpaper.  Installation of Superchrome’s wallpaper murals does not require specialist decorating skills. The low tack adhesive is removable and repositionable and the fabric itself is incredibly strong and will not rip or wrinkle.


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